Jayla – Modern and Minimal eCommerce WordPress Theme

Customize & Setting Jayla

Site Identity

Customizing Site Identity:

- Site Title

- Tagline

- Site Icon: Site Icons are what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars, and within the WordPress mobile apps. Upload one here! Site Icons should be square and at least 512 × 512 pixels.


Customizing Global:

- Layout

- Sidebar

- Pagination

- Scroll top & page loading


Customizing Designer:


Customizing Header:

- Customize the look & feel of your website header.

- Header Customizer: The Header Customizer allows you to creative header layout with drag-drop the components.

Header Bar ( Page, Single )

Customizing Header Bar ( Page, Single ):

- Options control page title & breadcrumb.

Taxonomy & Archive Header Bar

Customizing Taxonomy & Archive Header Bar:

- Options control taxonomy title & breadcrumb. .

- Settings General


Customizing Footer:

- Footer Customizer: The Footer Customizer allows you to creative footer layout with drag-drop the components.


Customizing Blog:

- Options control blog archive & detail.

- Blog Archive

- Blog Detail


Customizing Woocommnerce:

- Shop

- Product Detail

- Product Image Sizes


Customizing Color:

Background Image

Customizing Background Image:


You can customizing Menus:

Homepage Setting

Customizing Homepage Settings :

Link video tutorial Demo Designer Tool, Header Builder Desktop - Tablet & Mobile - Sticky, Footer Builder, Install Package Demo

Link Video

+ Video tutorial setting Demo Designer Tool:

Demo Designer Tool

+ Video tutorial setting Header Builder Desktop - Tablet & Mobile - Sticky:

Header Builder Desktop - Tablet & Mobile - Sticky

+ Video tutorial Setting Footer Builder:

Footer Builder

+ Video tutorial Install Package Demo:

Install Package Demo